About Televio

Watch anytime and anywhere!

Televio allows the transmission of TV broadcasts through the internet connection. In other to start watching all your favorite channels, you only need to be connected to the internet!

Higher experience with all modern features

Thanks to catch-up, start-over, or timeshift, you'll be able to pause your favorite show, start a movie over when you've come to it halfway through, or catch up on selected channels up to 7 days back.

Works with any internet provider
No need to drill and damage walls
Watch anywhere in the EU
Rewind, pause or start the movie over anytime
No binding contracts
Watch on any device

Main advantages of internet TV

Watching television over the internet has many advantages over cable or satellite TV, such as flawless stream quality which automatically adapts to the speed of your internet connection. You will also be spared of any hassle with drilling into your walls or installing various devices, like antennas or satellites.

Modern television with many useful features and up to 7 days of catch-up!

Viewing experience with no interruptions

Stream quality automatically adapts

Economical quality for mobile devices

4K resolution with a high-speed connection

How fast does my internet connection need to be?

We have managed to minimize the speed requirements, which is why, even with a slow connection, you will be able to watch Televio comfortably without interruptions.

Stream quality adapts automatically to the strength of the available connection, so your broadcast will never unexpectedly stop again.

Watch Televio on any device

Televio supports a wide range of devices. Our applications on Smart TVs or web browsers are among the most popular. In recent years, mobile devices such as smartphone and tablets have also become very common. That's why you can find our apps on all Android and iOS devices.

Smart TV

Just connect your TV to the internet using a cable or wireless connection. You'll be able to start watching your favorite shows and movies in HD quality immediately.

Computers and laptops

If you don't have a TV on hand, you can also use your laptop or desktop. Just open your web browser, log in on our website, and within a few moments, you'll have access to more than 139 channels..


Apple TV

Televio brings you also the support of Apple TV! Simply download our application from the App Store and within minutes, you'll be able to watch anything you want.

Mobile phones and tablets

Are you going to travel, camping, or on vacation? Take Televio together with you on your mobile or tablet! Download our app into your smartphone or tablet and watch your favorite movies and TV shows anywhere.

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